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Arad Negar Afrang company (private corporation) is here, with its team made of experts in architecture, information technology and branding and with its comprehensive infrastructures. This company has begun its professional activity in developing web-based software and solutions, software and server infrastructures as well as architectural engineering.

The software department has started its journey with 10 years of history in inventing and developing web infrastructures. And having worked on numerous government and security-sensitive projects, it has brought upon great fame to the company. The main objective of this company is to improve software and communal welfare and to revolutionize web applications. With its team made of experts in multiple fields, this company is aiming to introduce a new nature of the web, through incorporating different technologies and professions.

The architecture department has also worked on many projects by utilizing new and modern techniques and technologies that are consistent with its professional path. To name a few, the library design of the liberty statue in Tehran and also the library design of schools (e.g Shahid Mahmoudi School) to improve reading among students.

Arad Negar Afrang company is currently working on developing premium web-based software, architectural engineering and branding under the ARNE brand name.


What We Do Best

The ARNE Group specializes in software development, architectural engineering and branding.

At this company the manufacturing process is made of three steps, analysis and planning, development and design, support and maintenance.


Think and accomplish professionally with ARNE. The modern world of today calls for improvements and advancements in businesses each day.


Witness a new look of life. Smart designs are only accomplished when apart from beauty, your concerns are met, and only then it can be worthy of the ARNE name.


What we wear is a good measure for who we actually are, and the brand identity is the clothing we put on our business and products. Successful branding is success itself.


The concept of support is not limited nor ceremonial. For the first time in a long while we are bringing about a well established licensing and support construct.


What We Provide

The services the ARNE Group provides are within three areas, including software development, architectural engineering and branding.

The team is trying its best to help you throughout your business process by providing consultation and support to earn your satisfaction.

Cloud Computing

Using a network of high-available server nodes instead of a central server is better for data loss prevention, quick data transfers and favorable speeds.

Server Software

Softwares are build on the company's proprietary framework which provides secure integrity of the components, automatic updates and a decade-old professional record.

Mobile Applications

Web apps have made great changes in the world that we live in. Providing services such as commerce, transportation, ordering food and much more.

SEO Engineering

Being known in the world of web seems like a big challenge, given the rivals out there. But with proper SEO knowledge you can accomplish this task.

Exterior Design

The design of a building says a lot about the residents, and on a bigger scale it says all about the people in that society.

Interior Design

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is not about the sole beauty concept, it is about your fundamental psychological aspects.

2D Design

Two dimentional design is the first, and the most important phase of a design process. It combines art, engineering and psychology.


Renders help you see and perceive a real and complete design of a project, details that lie deep within and lighting, way before it is done.


What Distinguishes Us

The world of security and data-sensitive projects needs professional expertise.

The section below shows some of our customers which we had the opportunity to work with.

  • IRPD

    Iran Police Department

  • Petro Energy Kosar

    ISIRI Affiliated Laboratory

  • Tabriz University

    Tabriz University of Medical Sciences


Who We Are

The ARNE Group's core team consists of highly skilled individuals in software development, industrial design and branding.

This team has brought together a rare set of skills to help provide a comprehensive plan for a product or service throughout its process from A to Z.

Cena Ebrahimiyan

Infrastructure Engineering

Software Engineering

Mohamad Sadati

Technical Analysis

Ideas Development


How We Think

The ARNE philosophy was shaped when we decided to make something without using most of pre-existing tools, we decided to make something entirely new.

Following the path we chose, each member worked tirelessly in their own respected fields to invent new technologies and methods, and to design experiences which never existed before.

  • Cena Ebrahimiyan

    Programming is an art, which betters life for all.

  • Mohamad Sadati

    Shine so bright, that you can not be disputed.

    Based on this etiquette, we shall continue our journey.


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